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Let me help you take your career to the next level. 


Since 2014, my passion has been in providing my clients with a look and experience that highlights their natural beauty.  In that time I've grown my business from the ground up, which now spans from Portland to Los Angeles.  I want to share that experience and expertise with you.    Read more...

You've already taken the first steps towards an amazing career.

Whats holding you back? 


Enroll today and experience the thrill of this new journey!


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My Story

In 2014, I took the bold step of starting down a new career path. I was a single mother, working a good job but struggling to balance my 9-5 with raising my daughter. I knew I was capable of more, but also that I needed more time for my family. Something had to change. 

Taking that first step was scary. Quitting a stable job that had provided me with a decent income was, at times, terrifying. I was filled with anxiety, but also with hope and excitement as I took the first steps to take control of my future.

I built my business, client by client, from the ground up. I learned and trained with the best and took every certification I could. Quite simply, I was obsessed. I finally found a job that provided me a great income, plus the flexibility to spend more time with my daughter. 

After all these years I couldn't be happier. I look forward to every day I get to work and to every new client I get to meet and I get to spend as much time as I need with my family. As part of the UK Lash Global team, I'm thrilled to be teaching and to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with you. I now fly regularly between Portland and Los Angeles, providing Lash Services and Trainings between both cities.


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