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Hi - Thank you for your interest in Fluttery Lash Design!

My name is Jaime Nicole and I’m a Licensed Esthetician, Advanced Certified Lash Artist & UK Lash Educator, and in the beauty industry since 2012. I found my passion for self-care and beauty as a young girl experimenting with makeup. In 2012, I completed the Certified Makeup Artist program at the Academy for Salon Professionals in Los Angeles, CA. I was introduced to the world of lashes in 2014, and haven’t looked back since. I’ve developed my skills and technique over several years and with extensive continuing education.

Personally, there's something very special to me about highlighting a person's features that may otherwise be overlooked. I am inspired by being part of the transformation whether it subtle or bold. I think I'm most passionate about helping my clients to feel not only beautiful but confident. I love working with people and my goal is to offer the full experience to my clients - from choosing a look to the finished outcome.​

Licenses & Certifications

2012 Certified Makeup Artist

2014 Classic Lash Certification

2015 Classic Lash Certification

2016 Advanced Volume Lash Certification

2016 Licensed Esthetician (CA)

2017 Advanced 9D-16D Mega Russian Volume Certification

2017 Licensed Esthetician (OR)

2018 Elleebana Lash Lift Certification

2019 UK Lash Educator Certification

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